Urban Rhythms

We currently have several multi-family projects on the boards at ARC-T, ranging from multi unit building renovations/additions to multiple row house developments. Like typical row houses throughout Washington DC, these projects were conceived of as variations on type, adapting in response to program, zoning regulations, and site context. The projects are in varying stages of development, and are expected to be completed this Spring/Summer.

180209_View from North 2.jpg
14st Street front view.jpg

14TH ST NW - demolition under way

Up Close_JPG.jpg

SHERMAN AVE NW - pre-construction

180209_E St. Collage_cropped.jpg
180209_E St. Lumion_Downhill View.jpg

E ST SE - pre-construction

180209_West St. (tree_new).jpg

WEST ST SE - conceptual design