Halsey House

In this efficient and fast-track project, a 1-story 1950’s house is transformed by the addition of a 2nd level and a reworking of the entry sequence.

In order to minimize costs and simplify the approvals process, the 1,000 sq ft footprint of the original house, the 1st floor framing and a small portion of the exterior wall framing were retained, while the miniscule residence was nearly doubled in size through the addition of a 750 sq ft 2nd story.

This project is an example of the applicability of the lessons Ms. Ferreira’s learned earlier in her career while working in New York. A very limited budget demanded a smart, efficient solution while delivering livability and quality of space. Examples of this are the way kitchen island doubles as a dining table and how the 250 sq ft roof deck that provides an outdoor ‘family room.’ This space can be used nearly year round and delivers better air quality than the typical suburban Washington DC backyard in the summer months.

Materials: Exterior: Cedar Siding, Cement Board Panels, Ipe Wood Decking, Eldorado cultured stone veneer. Interior: Slate tile, Oak Flooring, Avonite & Wood Countertops, Slate & Travertine Bathroom Tile, Eldorado Cultured Stone Veneer.


Project Credits:


Principal in Charge, Lead Designer: Catarina Ferreira, AIA

Project Team: Emanuela Tajolini

General Contractor: Rule 4 Design Build

Photography: Aidan Hampson